How Do You Pay a Cricket Phone Bill Online?

A Cricket phone bill can be paid online by logging into the Cricket account and selecting “Pay My Bill.” Payments can be made by credit or debit or by a prepaid card.

Cricket requires registration before accessing an account online. A Cricket phone number is required for registration. Cricket offers an automatic bill payment option that can be set up through the “Auto Bill Pay” link on the My Account page. Automatic bill payments can be deducted from a credit card, debit card or a checking account. Cricket offers a discounted rate to customers who set up an automatic payment when they sign up for an account. Cricket also allows customers to access their account from Cricket devices through the “My Account” money bag icon. Other payment methods offered are payment through text message, through an automated phone system, and at an authorized Cricket payment location.

Cricket is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless and was founded in 1999. Leap Wireless was acquired by AT&T in 2013 for $1.2 billion. As of 2014, Cricket service plans are prepaid with no annual contract. Cricket offers unlimited domestic calling, domestic text and multimedia messaging, and data. High-speed data is limited to the amount the customer paid for, after which data speeds are throttled. Cricket offers the option to add data at any time.