How Do You Pay Your CFNA Bill Online?

Pay a Credit First National Association bill online by visiting the website at, signing into the account and clicking the View Payments link. Fill out the form with the payment amount, date and funding source.

On, sign into an account using the form on the home page or click the Register Card button to register for an online account with an activated credit card. After signing in, click the View Payments link, and enter the following information in the form fields: Payment amount greater than the minimum amount due and less than the total balance due, bank routing number found in the lower left area of a personal check, checking account number also found on a check, and payment date. Payments made before 5 p.m. EST can be set for same-day payment or scheduled as far as six months in the future.

To cancel or change a payment, sign into the account, and click on the View Payments link. Under Scheduled Payments, select the payment and click the Cancel button to cancel the payment or the Edit link to make changes to any of the displayed fields. Payments that have already been processed cannot be canceled or changed.

If you experience difficulty during the online bill payment process, contact Credit First National Association Customer Service at 1-800-321-3950.