Who Owns Tesco?

Jeff J Mitchell / Staff/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

Tesco is a publicly held company based in the United Kingdom. It is owned by the shareholders that own its stock. Tesco shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSCO.

As of Aug. 11, 2014, the largest shareholders on record for Tesco stock were Morges Bank, with a 7 percent share; BlackRock, with a 5.1 percent share; and Berkshire Hathaway with a 3.98 percent share. Tesco was originally founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 as a privately held company. In 1947, it became a public limited company (PLC), and its shares began to be traded publicly. As of August 2014, Tesco has a market capitalization of £20.5 billion.