How Do You Find Out If Visionworks Takes Your Insurance?

To find out if Visionworks takes your insurance, the company advises calling the nearest store and asking if it accepts your vision plan or contacting your vision insurance plan directly and asking if Visionworks is a provider. Alternatively, visit the store locator, enter your ZIP code, and then click on a store’s Web page and view the insurance plans accepted by that store, states Visionworks.

Visionworks accepts most insurance plans. All stores accept Davis Vision, Blue Cross Blue Shield and FEP Blue Vision, according to Visionworks. If you have a flexible spending account, Visionworks accepts these dollars as payment for eyeglasses, contacts and prescription sunglasses at all its locations. Flexible spending accounts are special accounts, available through your employer, that you put money into for paying some out-of-pocket health care costs, explains

Combining any vision insurance benefits with Visionworks promotional offers, discounts or coupons is not allowed, notes Visionworks. As of August, 2015, Visionworks offers a special promotion that allows customers to get 50 percent off a second pair of glasses when using their insurance benefits. Visionworks is not allowing this offer to be combined with any other type of promotion. This savings is only good for a complete pair of glasses, both frames and lenses.