How Do You Find an Orthodontist That Accepts Medicaid?

You can find an orthodontist that accepts Medicaid by searching by state on the Medicaid Orthodontist Provider Directory website. As an alternative, users can view the Medicaid dental provider list provided by the state Medicaid office or health department, advises the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance.

Before searching for an orthodontist, you should make sure that Medicaid covers orthodontic care in your state. At a minimum, states must provide care to relieve pain and infection, restore teeth and maintain dental health for children under the age of 21, states This may include braces from an orthodontist if the child’s teeth cause problems chewing or swallowing, notes KidsHealth.

Call the Medicaid office in your area to find orthodontists who accept Medicaid payment for services rendered. The social services office of local state governments can also provide a list of eligible orthodontists in your community.

To find local orthodontists via the Internet, The Medicaid Dentist Directory provides a list of orthodontists accepting Medicaid on its website, and the list is categorized according to state. As of 2015, the information is updated whenever new orthodontists are available. Orthodontists who stop taking Medicaid are removed from the list, so it is a good site to re-visit in order to discover the most recent information available.