Why Is Organization Important?

Les and Dave Jacobs/Image Source/Getty Images

Organization is important because it allows individuals and groups to perform tasks more efficiently. It helps people find information and items faster, and it allows groups to work together without wasting time. Organization is important for dealing with information as well.

When items are organized, finding them is easier, and the time is takes to organize a home or office will save time that would otherwise be spent searching. Organization is an important part of logistics; warehouse management deals with ensuring that everything is stored in a designated location. Efforts to reorganize items can lead to time saved as well.

Organization also deals with ideas and abstract concepts, and it is related to categorization. A zoologist, for example, might need to identify a particular animal. By using an organized system of categorization, the zoologist would be able to find attributes of the animal in question and identify it quickly using organized reference material.

Humans excel at finding patterns, and organization allows people to rely on their ability to cope with patterns to locate items and information more easily. Alphabetical organization, for example, allows people to know where to look. Other systems are popular as well. The Dewey Decimal System helps people know where to find a book by categorizing the books by subject matter.