How Do You Order a Newport Clothing Catalogue?

To order a Newport News clothing catalog, mail the request to the company’s corporate address at 5100 City Line Road, Hampton, VA, 23630-5100. Catalog orders can also be processed via the website of its parent company, Spiegel.

Newport News partnering with cruise lines such Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Celebrity X and Norwegian to offer exclusive items for purchase on their ships. These items include tunic tops from New Frontier and Ethereal Kaftan and Equestrian cover-ups inspired by classic ponchos. Sundresses from the Indigo Mood and Ocean Hues lines are also available, as well as a collection of summer sandals, sunglasses and jewelry from the Free Spirit collection.

Once known as Avon Fashions, Newport News made a name for itself as a popular catalog shopping experience focusing on women’s clothing. Its moderately priced clothing, shoes and accessories were once only available through the physical catalog but can now be purchased from its online outlet.

Newport News was purchased in 1993 by Spiegel, a Chicago-based catalog company whose operations date back to 1865. Spiegel became famous in 1905 for its direct marketing approach, mailing catalogs indiscriminately to women. This paid off, as the company garnered over 10 million customers by 1925. Spiegel was one of the first companies to explore fashion outside of the United States when it placed Parisian fashions on the pages of its catalogs.