How Do You Open a Dutch Brothers Coffee Franchise?

Dutch Brothers Coffee allows only existing franchisees and employees to open a franchise location, provided they meet certain experience and financial requirements. Franchise opportunities are not offered to individuals who are unaffiliated with the company.

Dutch Brothers Coffee restricts franchise availability to existing employees or franchisees in order to maintain the company’s standards for product quality and workplace culture. Existing employees must have worked for Dutch Brothers for at least three years with a minimum of one year as a manager. The franchisee of the location where the employee works must endorse and recommend them to the company. The employee must also have $5,000 in savings, a credit score of at least 675, and at least $150,000 readily available. Dutch Brothers Coffee also requires a 250-word written essay describing why the employee wants a franchise, as well as a short video essay detailing her personality.

Individuals who are not current employees must apply for a retail position at a local franchise and follow the aforementioned requirements in order to become a franchisee. This process allows them to gain first-hand experience in all aspects of running a Dutch Brothers Coffee stand. If retail employment is not of interest, the individual may help an approved franchisee by investing in her operation.