How Does One Fill Out a Certified Mail Receipt?

In order to fill out a certified mail receipt form, an individual must get the official Receipt for Certified Mail and prepare the item for mailing by providing a recipient?s name and mailing address, and her own return address, on the envelope or package. She then enters the recipient?s name and mailing address on the certified mail receipt form, which is affixed and mailed with the package.

The certified mail receipt allows the sender to receive an electronic verification that the mailed item was delivered or that delivery was attempted. The form consists of two parts separated by a perforated line. The sender keeps the side of the form bearing the recipient?s information and the amount paid; the other side is attached to the letter or package.

The sender should save the receipt in case she needs to inquire about the shipment later. She also may add a return receipt option for a signed confirmation that the item has been delivered. Otherwise, the sender can track the package by phone or online using the tracking number from the receipt.

Certified mail can be sent only within the United States. The sender can have the package picked up by a mail carrier, rather deliver it to the post office.