What Is Omnipoint Communications Inc. in New York?

Omnipoint Communications Incorporated used to be a phone service provider that went through various mergers and eventually became T-Mobile. The company name has resurfaced due to scam calls all across the country whose numbers are identified as “Omnipoint Communications, Inc.” in New York.

In the year 2000, Omnipoint Communications Incorporated merged with another communications company named VoiceStream. The new company went through a few more ownership changes and mergers until July of 2002, when it eventually became T-Mobile.

The company Omnipoint Communications has an extremely low rating and a ton of negative comments on their website and other online rating services. Although the company does not actually even exist anymore, people across the nation have complained that they received scam phone calls and text messages that ask for personal information from from various numbers, all of which are labeled as Omnipoint Communications Inc. in New York. Often, people describe the callers as having foreign accents, which has led some to believe that the calls are coming from overseas. T-Mobile has stated publicly that they have no affiliation with the calls and that they do not know who is making the calls or where they are coming from.