How Do You Get an Official Alcon Rebate Form?

Obtaining an official Alcon rebate form involves going to the official Alcon rebates website, registering and entering the rebate code. After completing the registration process and entering the rebate code, the official Alcon rebate form will be automatically populated with the information that was entered during the registration process. The form will then have to be printed and mailed to the Alcon Lens Rebate center, according to the Alcon rebates website.

The following shows how to obtain an official Alcon rebate form, as per the instructions on the Alcon rebates website.

  1. Go to the official rebates website
  2. Type into the browser and then press “Enter.”

  3. Register
  4. Once on the homepage, make sure to have the original sales receipt for the purchase of the Alcon product, an original universal product code or bar code of the brand of lens that was purchased and copy of the eye exam receipt. These will be used during the registration process. Begin registering by entering the rebate code in the individual rebate code field. Click on the “Go” button to complete the registration process.

  5. Print out the official Alcon Rebate form
  6. Once the registration has been completed, the official rebate form will be ready for printing. To be able to do this, log into the website and select “My Rebates” from the profile homepage. Select the specific rebate and then click on the “Print” button.