Why Is Office Work Important?

Domino/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Working at a physical office location provides several benefits for workers and their employers, such as increasing worker collaboration and creativity. There is a considerable amount of debate over whether employees are more productive when working in the office or at home. Although research is still ongoing, some studies suggest that working together in an office improves worker creativity and creates a sense of unity, which in turn stimulates productivity.

The introduction and accessibility of technology such as computers and mobile devices allows many workers to perform the same tasks at home and in the office. Some companies allow employees to work from home, while others such as Yahoo, prefer to have employees work directly from the office. Workers are typically happier when working from home, but with some incentives, they can be motivated to work from the office, and even just as happy working there. Happy workers are generally more productive and may be more loyal to their employers.

Some companies encourage employees to work at the office by offering incentives such as free food and snacks, providing gyms, giving employees access to on-site medical services and concierge services. Spending time together also allows employees to develop friendships and working relationships, which facilitates great communication.