How Do You Obtain a Murphy USA Gas Card?

Individuals can obtain a Murphy USA gas discount card from the Murphy USA website, advises Murphy USA. Some of Murphy USA’s cards, such as the Murphy USA Platinum Edition Visa, may require a credit check before approval.

Once the customer receives the requested gas discount card, she can enroll online by linking the card to a checking account, states Murphy USA. Cardholders can save 3 cents per gallon on gas at Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations. Like a debit card, this card uses available funds from the linked account.

Customers can apply online for the Murphy USA Platinum Edition Visa, advises Murphy USA. This credit card offers customers a savings of 4 cents per gallon and 1 percent cash back on purchases. Murphy’s prepaid gas cards or gift cards are available for purchase in denominations of $25, $50, $75 or $100.

Business customers can apply online for one of two fleet card options for their drivers, states Murphy USA. The Private Label Card is honored only at Murphy locations, while the Universal Card is accepted at most fuel stations. Both cards save customers up to 4 cents per gallon, depending on the amount of gas purchased each month. The card service features detailed reports to monitor driver spending.