What Are Some Nursing Philosophy Examples?

Examples of nursing philosophies include fostering a healing environment for patients, treating others with compassion and respect, and advocating for patient rights. A nursing philosophy may be personal or the philosophy of a group of nurses. Nurses at medical organizations may include their nursing philosophy on the organization’s website. Philosophies typically focus on accountability, compassion and professionalism.

Accountability is important for nurses because they often have the lives of other people in their hands. During stressful situations, they must maintain self-control, follow guidelines and perform at their best. Another way nurses demonstrate accountability is by taking responsibility for their own growths, by continuing their education and obtaining new licenses.

Nurses need compassion as the job requires caring for other people and empathizing with them. In some cases, nurses must stand up for people who are no longer able to stand up for themselves, so it’s important for nurses to understand other people’s situations. Nurses also must provide the same level of care for all patients, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or wealth.

Professionalism refers to a nurse’s level of knowledge and how she performs her duties. Nurses must exhibit professional conduct towards patients and other medical staff.

Personal nursing philosophies usually also include the nurse’s personal goals. These philosophies can be concise or detailed.