Why Is Nursing an Art?

According to Nursing World, nursing is an art of winning the trust of patients, understanding their wishes and responding to their emotional, psychological and cognitive needs with love and compassion. Nursing is an art of applying the virtues and philosophies of healing during care. The art of nursing involves the ability of a nurse to explain the plan of care in a way that patients can understand and appreciate.

The Foundation for Critical Thinking explains that the attributes of nursing, such as empathy, integrity, responsibility and leadership, demonstrate that nursing is an art. Nurses employ their critical-thinking abilities to evaluate the worries and beliefs of patients in order to implement the most effective health care interventions. The art of nursing is depicted by the power of nurses in promoting the desired change among patients.

Minority Nurse notes that nurses adhere to the ethical and moral aspects of nursing care by understanding the societal values and cultural influences on health care processes. The ability of a nurse to deliver high quality of care takes more than the application of scientific evidence. Nurses use their artistic skills to promote the health of their patients, prevent illness, provide a safe care environment and alleviate suffering. Nurses also act as mediators, advocates and listening companions for both patients and their families. Nurses perfect the art of care through experience.