What Is Nordstrom’s Mission Statement?

Donato Sardella / Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Nordstrom mission, which the company states as its goal, is “to provide outstanding service every day, one customer at a time.” This is based on the philosophy of store founder John Nordstrom that the customer should be offered the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

Nordstrom stores were founded in 1901 in Seattle, Wash. with the intent to provide excellent service to customers. The stated mission of the company’s management is to make decisions following the best interests of customers and employees. Each employee is trained in practical ways to execute this mission. Employees are encouraged to trust one another’s integrity and use good judgment on the job. Managers are encouraged to empower and support their employees.

Employees are asked to view one another as family and to consider the business as their own. The company values healthy competition, honesty, respectful communication and kindness and recognizes the outstanding achievements and performance of employees. As part of its mission, Nordstrom supports community organizations, special events and outreach programs in the communities in which its stores are located out of a desire to be a good neighbor. On top of all of that, Nordstrom encourages its employees to have fun and celebrate their love of fashion.