Who Is Nike’s Target Audience?

Maxime FORT/CC-BY-2.0

Nike’s primary target audience for its products is athletes. In a recent business overview, Nike lists serving athletes as one of its key goals for innovation.

According to the company’s business overview, Nike brands each have distinct target audiences. The main Nike brand is most targeted towards athletes, selling related products such as shoes, sporting equipment and clothes. The Converse, Inc. brand markets more casual goods and is described as targeting premium customers. The Jordan Brand is also a premium brand, but it is targeted more broadly at athletes. The Hurley International LLC brand also targets athletes but focuses more on activities associated with young people, such as skateboarding and surfing. The Nike Golf brand is focused on golfers. The company has plans to more aggressively target different groups of consumers, including female consumers and consumers in China and in Western Europe. Nike specifically targets sports viewers, with initiatives correlated with the Sochi Winter Games, the Super Bowl in New York City, the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon, and the World Cup in Brazil, as detailed in the letter to shareholders. The company also targets basketball fans with a campaign involving player Kobe Bryant.