How Does Nike Promote Its Products?

Nike promotes its products by emphasizing its swoosh logo and using celebrity athletes. The brand focuses on using sports stars who are receiving a lot of media attention, like Tiger Woods at the height of his affair scandal.

Nike’s primary form of promotion is making its swoosh logo prominent on all of its merchandise and adverts. The location of the swoosh generates maximum exposure, which ensures the brand is recognizable worldwide. Nike takes this approach in tandem with using sports stars to promote its products. For example, if Michael Jordan is wearing Nike shorts, the swoosh is highly visible.

Nike also makes the most of media attention to promote its brand. In 1985, Michael Jordan wore Nike shoes while playing, and was fined $5,000 per game for doing so. Nike paid the fines for the privilege of using him, and benefited from the way the media promoted its tactics. In 2010 when Tiger Woods was receiving a lot of media attention following his affair scandals, Nike chose to use him in its commercial. This was the brand’s way of capitalizing on the world’s widespread interest in Woods at the time.

In addition to manipulating media scandals, Nike makes the most of sports events that generate a lot of attention. For example, the company became the official shoe sponsor of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics.