What Are Some Nice Things to Say to Co-Workers?

Some nice things to say to co-workers include expressing gratitude, complimenting them on something and expressing appreciation. Other statements that make colleagues happy is asking them for help and apologizing.

One of the nicest things to say to co-workers is to praise them for something they did well. Praise can be verbal or sent as a note or a formal letter. It is a tremendous motivator and boosts workplace morale. Another positive expression is to either ask for help or offer it. Asking for help on a project, no matter whether the co-workers are higher or lower in the organizational hierarchy, promotes positive energy, better collaboration and boosts confidence. Although asking for help is widely perceived as a sign of weakness and inefficiency, it can be seen as a desire for excellence and professionalism. It is a good way to acknowledge the co-workers’ skill and value.

Apologizing to co-workers or expressing gratitude changes the cold and sterile work environment into a place of creativity, shared goals and all-around satisfaction. Complimenting co-workers’ appearance, new acquisitions or families also has the same effect of bringing the human element into an atmosphere that often centers around numbers, deadlines, targets and other sources of stress.