What Is the Neothink Society All About?

The Neothink Society, also known as Neotech and Integrated Management Associates, is a publishing company based in Henderson, Nevada, that uses mass mailings of letters and pamphlets as promotional devices to sell books. The promotional material promises access to an invitation-only society of elite leaders, wealth, power and eventual immortality.

Wallace Ward, who changed his name to Frank R. Wallace, founded the Neothink Society as a self-publishing company to print and publish his own books in 1968. Wallace H. Ward, his son, took over the company in 2006 when his father died and published under the trademarked pseudonym of Mark Hamilton. One of his works was a 1200-page book about a woman named Miss Annabelle who has several genius children, one of whom becomes U.S. president as a member of the Twelve Visions Party. Her children discover the solutions to all of humanity’s problems, including the secret of immortality.

The Neothink Society first sends a letter to a prospective member emphasizing that he has been chosen to join a secret society. If the candidate responds favorably, he is invited to buy a copy of the book about Miss Annabelle and her children for $135.50, as of 2015. Since the book does not actually contain the society’s secrets, the publisher offers further expensive volumes to unlock the book’s secret codes. In an interview with a reporter from the Los Angeles Times, Wallace H. Ward claimed that the main purpose of the Neothink Society was as a business model to sell books.