How Do You Find the Nearest LESCO Dealer?

To find the nearest LESCO dealer, visit, select the Location link at the top of the page, and enter your ZIP code. The search returns a list of all LESCO dealers within 30 miles.

LESCO is a John Deere Landscapes product line of professional landscaping equipment sold at many John Deere retail outlets as well as other landscaping supply companies. You can shop LESCO equipment online through by selecting the Product Catalog link from the Product menu and searching the Complete Product Catalog. also includes links to specifications for all LESCO equipment in current production, including aerators, renovators, sprayers and spread equipment. The spec sheet for each product includes dimensions, engine type and weight, as well as a diagram illustrating features that distinguish the LESCO product from other brands. An optional accessory list describes the feature of all extras you can purchase to enhance performance and reduce the investment of time and fuel required to complete a job.

LESCO is not accredited through the Better Business Bureau. However, the BBB rates LESCO with a grade of A to reflect the small number of customer complaints. As of 2015, only one customer had lodged a complaint against the company in the preceding three years.