What Is the NAIC Listing of Companies?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners listing of companies is a database of insurance companies throughout the United States that the association has compiled as of 2015, according to the association. Consumers can search the database by company name or code to obtain selected company financial, licensing and complaints information.

Using the association’s consumer information source, customers can view information about a listed company, including a financial profile, asset and liability totals for the previous year, and the premiums written. Licensing information includes whether a company is licensed in a specific state, notes the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Four different reports about closed complaints against an insurance company are available to consumers. The report on complaints by state includes the number of closed complaints in the database, and state-by-state premiums totals for a company. The closed complaint by code report shows the number of complaints in the database for a state or states based on the coverage type, the reason for filing the complaint, and the complaint resolution, states the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The third report, closed complaint ratios, reveals the ratio of a company’s national market share of complaints examined against its national market share of premiums for a particular type of policy. The fourth report, on complaint trends, shows the number of complaints against a company for consecutive years, and the percentage of change in the number of complaints between each year, notes the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.