How Much Does Walgreens Pay an Hour?

Mike Mozart/CC-BY-2.0

The minimum hourly wage at Walgreens depends on the individual state’s minimum wage and can increase, depending on the specific job requirements to $12 for hourly positions. There are 28 different salary ranges for Walgreens, and those ranges depend upon the position.

The majority of jobs at Walgreens are paid by the hour; the remaining positions offer a yearly salary. If the employee is a store clerk, cashier, photo specialist, beauty specialist or shift manager, an hourly wage should be expected.

Keep in mind that hourly rates range from minimum wage up to $12 or more per hour. The minimum wage depends on the state. For example, certain states may have a minimum wage of $8.25 while others have a minimum wage that is higher or lower.

Certifications in photo processing and pharmacy technician sciences will increase your hourly pay options as well. Work experience, management experience and knowledge will also increase the hourly pay options available.