How Much Does a Pediatrician Make in a Month?

The average salary of a pediatrician is between $135,000 and $175,000 per year, which is $11,250 to about $14,583 per month. Pediatricians are some of the most highly paid doctors. Some variables that affect a pediatrician’s salary include their level of experience, what part of the world they are working in as well as whether or not they have chosen to super-specialize.

Pediatricians in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada tend to make more than the same specialists in other parts of the world, as is the case with most other specialists. Those who choose to super-specialize tend to earn a lot more than the average pediatrician. For instance, a pediatric nephrologist could earn between $180,000 when they start working and $250,000 per year by the time they have gained a few years’ experience. Salary disparities are seen across the country where pediatricians in states such as California and New York tend to earn more than their counterparts in the midlands. During the initial years of service, the quality of education that a pediatrician gets also determines how much he is paid. Pediatricians that attend high quality training institutions, such as Ivy League universities, tend to command higher salaries.