What Are Monthly Reports?

Monthly reports are documents that provide updates on a variety of information, ranging from the latest financial information to the existing status of a project. When writing a monthly report for management, it is important to keep things concise while providing all of the relevant information that upper management and executive personnel are likely to want to see. Because of the importance of status updates in maintaining communication and the large number of projects that many companies have going on at once, this report is likely the only documentation that executives are likely to see about each project, so being clear and informative is a must.

When it comes to monthly reports about ongoing projects, information that is helpful includes the working hours of all team members assigned to each subsidiary task that the member completed during that time period. Having a clear statement of accountability for time keeps the team in the clear when it comes to questions of efficiency. Another helpful item to include is a list of challenges. While accomplishments also belong on the report, a list of challenges helps those up the ladder realize what the remaining issues are, and often they have an insight about those remaining steps that help the project team bring the matter to completion.