What Is Microsoft’s Mission Statement?

Microsoft’s mission statement, as of 2013, is to provide individuals and businesses with technologies and products to increase efficiency, capability, speed and innovation both in the workplace and in the home. To capture these goals, Microsoft strives to create accessible technologies for every type of customer.

Microsoft’s mission focuses on creating a unified corporation with a single strategy. The company is determined to create a family of services and devices for businesses and individuals to execute their daily activities. The corporation is focused on streamlining the customer’s “high-value activities,” whether they are at work, at home or on the go. The company defines a “high-value activity” as one that the consumer values the most throughout his everyday life.

Microsoft aims to create products for all types of customers through accessible technology. This belief makes it easy for everyone to hear, see and use innovative products. It allows all individuals, regardless of impairment or age, to use and personalize their smart products to meet their everyday needs and preferences.

Microsoft’s mission of delivering accessible technology to every type of consumer is a dramatic shift from the company’s previous mission statement, which sought simply to deliver a personal computer to everyone’s desk.