What Do MetLife Individual Dental Policies Typically Cover?

MetLife individual dental insurance policies typically cover four areas of dental treatment: preventive care, basic care, major procedures and orthodontia, according to the University of Chicago. These plans include preferred provider organization plans and copayment plans. The company offers these plans to individuals who are employees of a participating organization, states MetLife.

MetLife dental insurance covers over 400 treatments through managed or health maintenance organization plans with and without copayments. Treatments such as dental implants, white fillings on molars, general anesthesia, dental veneers and intravenous sedation are covered as part of these plans, according to MetLife. A single round of preventive care in six months covers a variety of treatments including brush biopsies and cleaning, with a copayment of 10 percent for in-network providers and 30 percent for non-network providers, according to the University of Chicago.

MetLife’s overall coverage for in-network dental health facilities varies from employer to employer. MetLife dental policies cover an annual maximum of $5,000 per patient for in-network treatment and $1,000 for out-of-network treatment under the copayment plan for the University of Chicago. MetLife PPO plans offer 100 percent coverage of two preventive care visits in a year and a 50 percent coverage of orthodontia up to a lifetime limit of $1,000. The maximum coverage for an individual under a PPO plan is $1,500, notes the University of Chicago.