What Merchandise Does Buc-Ee’s Sell?

Buc-ee’s carries a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, Texas-themed souvenirs, home decor and toys. Yelp reviewers state that some of the products are similar to the goods found at Wal-Mart. The popular convenience store also sells gas, fountain soda, coffee and food.

Yelp users do not say much about the general merchandise at Buc-ee’s, but reviewers praise the unique, flavorful foods sold at the large gas station. The store has a large line of private-branded products, such as nuts, dried meat, candy and cheese dip. Reviews published in 2015 reference blueberry-flavored gummy snacks, raisins covered in dark chocolate, Beaver Nuggets and brisket sandwiches. Shoppers can order their own meals with a touch-screen device.

The gas station has a spacious parking lot with a large number of gas pumps, and customers state that the gas prices are affordable. Reviewers offer different estimates regarding the number of gas pumps on site, claiming there are anywhere from 50 to 1 billion pumps available. Buc-ee’s also offers car washes at some of its locations.

Buc-ee’s has received national recognition for its clean restrooms. In 2012, one of Buc-ee’s locations was voted the Best Bathroom in the Country due to its cleanliness and size. At the time of the award, Buc-ee’s had 83 toilets available at its New Braunfels store, which was the winning location.