What Is Mercer’s IBenefitCenter?

Mercer’s ibenefitcenter is a Web portal that provides employees with retirement accounts access to information about their 401(k)s, notes TecoEdge. Employees can also enroll in their employer’s retirement plan through ibenefitcenter.

Mercer is a global company that provides employers with assistance and guidance in finding talent and setting up employee health care, retirement accounts and other investments. Employers rely on the company to set up and manage retirement savings accounts for their employees with expert legal, accounting and tax advisers, notes Mercer.

The ibenefitcenter is available for employees and employers to log in and use. Some functions available through ibenefitcenter include setting up a 401(k), changing the contribution amount for an existing plan and opting out of contributing to a plan. Employees can also see how much an account is worth, how much they have contributed, how much their employer has contributed and interest earned on their investments.

Employees can set up access to the center through the portal’s website. This is possible by clicking on the Get Started button under the New Users module on the home page.

Registering an account with ibenefitcenter requires employees to provide the last four digits of their Social Security number, last name, date of birth and ZIP code. Employees may also have to confirm some information to validate their accounts.