How Do You Get a Free Medical ID Bracelet?

As of 2015, free medical identification bracelets are available for a three-year term and include free My MedicAlert services connected to the bracelet, according to MedicAlert Foundation. The foundation may renew the benefits at the end of the three years if the beneficiary shows a continuing financial hardship. To apply, individuals must submit a MedicAlert Foundation enrollment form, a statement of inability to pay for the services and proof of hardship or income to MedicAlert Foundation’s Sponsorship Service Program.

Applicants requesting free medical identification bracelets must provide short statements, personally or through their physicians, that they cannot afford the service fees, notes MedicAlert Foundation. The applicants must also show proof they are receiving public assistance benefits such as Medicaid, MediCal, food stamps, Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income. Proof includes a current-year determination letter that shows the dollar amount of the benefit.

If an applicant’s physician uses letterhead or a prescription pad to write the statement supporting the patient’s financial hardship, and the applicant is receiving government public assistance benefits and the statement specifies the benefit, the applicant does not have to submit additional proof of income or hardship, explains MedicAlert Foundation. Donations provide the funding for the free medical identification bracelet benefit. The number of bracelets available depends on the level of resources the foundation receives annually for the program.