What Is McDonalds’ Marketing Strategy?

Hisham Ibrahim/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

McDonald’s has different marketing strategies for different locations around the world, but its overall strategy is to offer consumers a great value. This was the main thinking behind the hugely successful Dollar Menu. McDonald’s does not just think of great value in terms of low-cost food; it also takes the speed at which food is prepared and its atmosphere into consideration.

McDonald’s uses its marketing strategy of providing a great value to help meet its three goals. This involves serving quality food quickly and in a fun environment, being a socially responsible company and providing a good return for all of the people who invest in the company.

Another marketing strategy that McDonald’s uses is giving back to the community. The people who run McDonald’s are strong believers that consumers are much more likely to eat at a restaurant that gives back to a community than a restaurant that does not. This is why McDonald’s runs many fundraisers and gives to local charities.

However, only about 15 percent of all McDonald’s restaurants are owned by the actual company. The remaining 85 percent are operated under franchises. Although franchises have to follow certain rules in terms of quality, cleanliness and service, they also have the ability to opt out of certain promotions. This means that some minor marketing strategies differ from location to location.