How Do McDonald’s Employees Access LMS Training Online?

The McDonald’s employee Learning Management System training center is available online at, accessible with a McDonald’s ID and password. The website also allows users to log-in using verified Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live account credentials. There is a separate section for federated partners to log in to the portal, but the system prohibits unauthorized use.

An estimated one in eight American workers worked at McDonalds at some point in their careers, as of 2015. As a result, McDonalds has a lot of experience training employees and is an industry leader in this area. McDonalds LMS is the company’s main training portal. The Red Cross and the military also use the same type of Learning Management System for employee and staff training.

The portal offers online classes for food preparation, restaurant process and practices, and menu support. Beyond basic training for all employees, McDonalds invests significant resources to train managers and franchise owners. In 1961, McDonalds established Hamburger University to instruct managing personnel in various aspects of the restaurant business. The campus of Hamburger University, located in Oak Brook, Illinois, has seen more than 80,000 graduates pass through its doors, including more than 80,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers and owner-operators from all over the world.