What Does a Marketing Department Do?

Marketing departments of companies and organizations are responsible for market research, solution development, promotional campaigns and customer relationship programs. While marketing departments engage in several different activities, its primary role is to boost revenue for the business.

Before it implements marketing strategies, a marketing department develops a marketing plan. This plan sets out marketing objectives that align with the company’s goal of building brands, attracting customers and generating revenue. Market research strategies are typically included in the plan. Market research is used to identify the needs and preferences of targeted customers. Knowing what customers want or expect in certain product or service categories improves a company’s ability to develop and promote valuable solutions.

The solution development element of marketing is aimed at coordinating with development and production departments to build or enhance solutions to meet customer needs. Companies may upgrade existing solutions or develop entirely new ones. Solutions that have unique features that align with customer demands are ideal.

Advertising and promotion are key roles of marketing. Advertising is the paid promotional component and uses up much of the department’s budget. A company has control over advertising messages and placements. Public relations, which includes free publicity, and personal selling are other communications strategies managed by marketing departments.