How Many Stamps Are Needed to Put on Manila Envelopes?

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How many stamps needed to put on a manila envelope depends on many factors. The most important considerations are the package’s size, weight and destination.

The Size of the Envelope

Since manila envelopes are larger than standard envelopes, mailing one requires more than one stamp. A letter is a minimum of three and a half inches by five inches and a maximum six and one eighth inches by 11.5 inches. It’s not more than a quarter of an inch thick, with a maximum weight of three and a half ounces. A large envelope is at least six and an eighth inches x 11.5 inches (and a maximum of 12×15 inches), with a thickness of three quarters of an inch and with a maximum weight of 13 ounces. Manila envelopes are considered packages when they are bigger and weigh more than a large envelope.

The overall size of the manila envelope is another factor that determines its postage. Oversize envelopes cost more to mail than their standard counterparts. This extra fee is usually called a handling charge due to the larger envelope’s unwieldy proportions.

Weighing the Envelope Itself

Manila envelopes come in handy when mailing items such as books, cosmetics and small toys. Some manila envelopes are padded to cushion delicate objects. The weight of the manila envelope will factor into the final mailing weight, so take this into consideration. For example, when mailing a small jar of coffee, consider using a manila envelope padded with bubble wrap. Other types of manila envelopes are padded with heavier paper.

The Weight of the Package

To figure out how many stamps are necessary to mail a manila envelope package, first weigh it with a postal scale. A trip to the post office is not necessary with the use of postal software. One popular postal software company provides a calibrated postal scale. Ensure that the scale is accurate, since this is one of the components that determine the postage. Visit a local post office if postal software or a scale is not handy at home. The weight of the package will determine the amount of stamps needed for mailing. At a post office, a postage sticker with the correct amount on it takes the place of stamps.

Factoring in the Mail Service

When using the USPS, manila envelopes that are letters or large envelopes can be sent by priority mail express, priority mail or first-class mail. If the manila envelope is large enough to be a package, it can also be sent by the less-expensive but slower service of standard post. If it contains books, manuscripts, sound recordings or educational materials without advertising, it can be sent by media mail, formerly known as “book rate.” Other mailing services like UPS and FedEx offer their own rates for manila envelopes.

Distance Matters

In addition to size and weight, distance determines the postage of manila envelopes. For example, an envelope mailed within the same zip code costs less than one mailed across the country.

In conclusion, there isn’t a magic number that answers the question about the number of stamps needed to mail a manila envelope. Instead, the postage is determined by a variety of factors including the size, weight and destination of the envelope.