How Many People Do You Need to Meet a Quorum at an AGM?

kristian sekulic/E+/Getty Images

The number of people needed to meet a quorum at an AGM varies depending on the organization, but a good guide is to ensure that at least half the members are present. The purpose of a quorum is to make sure that there is a consensus among members for the future of the organization. The minimum number of members needed for a quorum is typically stated in an organization’s constitution.

Although the quorum for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) should be high enough to ensure that a few members cannot take full control, the minimum number of members needed should be a reasonable figure so that voting on important issues can take place.

AGMs are usually held on an annual basis and are designed to check recent progress of the organization, select a committee for the following year and make any necessary changes to the constitution. The AGM is a time to include members in the decision making progress, as many of them may have little direct involvement in the ongoing operations of the organization. Any registered member who attends an AGM typically has voting rights on particular matters, such as electing a new president, and in some cases proxy votes can be cast for members who are unable to make it to the AGM.