How Many NHS Hospitals Are There in England?

It is very difficult to determine the actual number of NHS hospitals in England, but there were 168 acute trusts on record in 2010 that currently run the NHS hospitals, according to The King’s Fund organization. The reason that the number of NHS hospitals and acute trusts do not directly correlate is because some acute trusts manage multiple NHS hospital locations.

NHS hospitals are hospitals encompassed in England’s National Health Service. The hospitals are run by divisions within the NHS called NHS trusts, which serve a specific geographical area. Each trust is a public sector corporation that runs and maintains all of the NHS hospitals within their jurisdiction. There were 168 NHS trusts in 2010 throughout England, according to The King’s Fund organization.

The total number of NHS hospitals is a difficult number to determine because the many NHS trusts have NHS hospitals in multiple locations. However, according to the Department of Health, there were 159,386 beds within the National Health Service hospital system in 2009, but that number had been decreasing over the past 20 years. In addition to the NHS hospitals operated by the 168 acute trusts, there are also numerous private sector hospitals that are run by primary care trusts.