How Many Coins Are in a Roll in Canada?

fdecomite/CC-BY 2.0

The number of coins in a roll of Canadian money varies according to the denomination of the coin. Rolls of coins contain as many as 50 dimes per roll for a value of $5 or as few as 25 $2 coins, known as toonies, per roll for a value of $50.

Nickels are thicker than dimes and are packaged in rolls of 40 with a value of $2. A roll of quarters contains 40 coins for a value of $10. A roll of $1 coins, which are commonly referred to as loonies because each coin bears the image of a graceful loon on the reverse side, contains 25 coins for a value of $25.

Pennies are packaged in rolls of 50 for a value of 50 cents, but pennies have been phased out of Canadian currency for cash transactions. In response to the Canadian government’s decision to discontinue the use of pennies as Canadian cash tender, the Royal Canadian Mint ceased to distribute pennies on February 4, 2013. Considering the substantial costs of production and handling in relation to the value of the coin, it is estimated that taxpayers will benefit from a savings of $11 million per year due to the phase-out of the Canadian penny.