What Is the Management Research Question Hierarchy for a Management Dilemma You Face at Work?

The six steps to solving a management dilemma at work involve identifying the dilemma in the workplace, asking a management question, asking an investigative question, asking a research question, asking a measurement question and receiving a management decision. Following these six steps demonstrates quality management capabilities in the workplace.

First, determining the nature of the management dilemma makes asking questions a much easier task. An example of a dilemma is an increased number of complaints due to late product shipments. A management question asks what can management do to eliminate the problem. The research question then determines what it is possible to change on management’s part to correct the problem. For example, management may want to consider if switching to a different provider would ensure the products are not late in the future.

The investigative question determines the specific alternative option managers could take to help solve the problem. The measurement question turns the problem into a measurement. For a problem with slow deliveries, the appropriate questions relate to which companies have the best delivery times in the area. The management decision is the final step, and the decision should provide a solution to the problem.