How Do I Make a Payment on My Kohl’s Card?

To make a payment on a Kohl’s card, determine the appropriate method of payment, and then initiate the transaction. There is a specific process for each payment type.

  1. Determine an appropriate method of payment

    Kohl’s offers various payment methods for paying off a Kohl’s card. Payments can be made online, by phone, by mail or in store. If paying online, the customer must register at If paying by phone, call the automated payment system at 855-564-5748, and follow the instructions. If choosing to pay by mail, remit payment to the Kohl’s Payment Center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A customer can pay in store at any participating Kohl’s retail outlet.

  2. Initiate the transaction based on payment method

    Once a payment method is chosen, customers can initiate the transaction. To pay online, create an account at the My Kohl’s Charge website and enter all necessary information. When paying by phone, a customer will need to provide a bank account and routing number to make payment. Payments also can be made through the mail using the envelope provided with the bill. A person paying off a Kohl’s card in store also has the option of paying with a check, cash or money order.

  3. Receive verification of payment

    Each method provides a proof of payment. This proof comes in the form of a statement, electronic message or audio confirmation, depending on the payment method chosen. Customers should verify that the payment was received.