How Do You Make an Appointment With Kaiser Medical Services?

According to Kaiser Permanente, making an appointment with Kaiser medical services can be done quickly and efficiently by calling the Kaiser Permanente Health Line or by making an appointment online through the company’s website. Either method can be used to arrange anything from same-day service to preventive care appointments.

  1. Make same-day appointments

    Call the Kaiser Permanente Health Line for a same-day appointment. The line is available 24-hours a day and is staffed by nurses who can provide advice and assess the medical urgency of the situation. Calling the affiliated community physician assigned to each member can also net a same-day appointment if the physician has immediate openings. However, same-day appointments are not available for preventive care services.

  2. Arrange preventive care

    Call the Kaiser Permanente Health Line to set up a preventive care appointment at a Kaiser Permanente medical center, or use the online form to make arrangements. Preventive care appointments can be made directly with a medical center by calling and speaking to staff during business hours.

  3. Get emergency care

    Call 911 to obtain emergency care at the nearest hospital. If taken to a non-affiliated location, call the Kaiser Permanente Health Line within 48 hours to coordinate care and arrange a transfer to an affiliated location.