How Do You Make an Ally Online Auto Payment?

Make an Ally Auto payment online by enrolling in Ally Auto Online Services and selecting an option for auto-pay, a one-time payment or a debit card payment. The online debit card payment is a one-time arrangement made through a third-party provider, according to Ally Auto. A debit card payment has a fee added on to the payment amount.

After logging in online, select the Make a Payment link from your My Vehicles Web page. Choose the account for which you wish to make the payment, and select the payment date and the amount you wish to pay. You can also schedule a payment in advance or pay more than one month’s bill. Next, verify and authorize the payment, states Ally Auto.

Customers who choose to enroll in Ally Auto Online Services can take advantage of the many features the service offers to streamline making payments. Customers can log in to their accounts to schedule one-time payments that can be withdrawn from their checking or savings accounts or make advance payments with pay-ahead service. With pay-ahead service, customers log in and schedule extra payments anytime they wish.

Customers can also check online activity, view any pending payments, cancel or reschedule pending payments, and view their payment histories when enrolled in Ally Auto Online Service. Customers also have the option to check the statuses of pending payments or make changes to any scheduled or recurring payments they have applied to their accounts. The mobile app is available for customers to download on a variety of Android and Apple phones, tablets and other devices.

Alternatively, enrolling in auto-pay results in the deduction of an automatic monthly payment from your savings or checking account. When you set up auto-pay, you choose the date for withdrawal each month. You can also make one-time payments or arrange auto-pay through Ally Auto Mobile Pay. Both these options require you to have a checking or savings account, explains Ally Auto.

The third-party provider accepting debit card payments for Ally Auto is CheckFreepay. This provider adds a fee, onto the payment amount. You need to supply your Ally account number, your billing account ZIP code, your state and your email address to make a debit card payment, reports CheckFreepay.