What Are the Major Industries in Massachusetts?

Some product categories made in Massachusetts include computers and electronic equipment, instruments, industrial machinery and equipment, printing, chemicals and fabricated metals. Massachusetts is known as one of the larger industrial manufacturing centers among the states.

The state’s largest city, Boston, is a center for technology, finance, medicine, education and business services. The city’s financial district is home to Fidelity Investments and John Hancock Financial Services, as of 2014. The medical centers of Tufts University and Harvard University as well as Massachusetts General Hospital are major medical employers. Education plays an important role in Boston’s economy, as it is home to 10 colleges and universities, six community colleges, six technical schools and four arts schools. Boston is also home to a number of major publishing houses.

Fishing remains a significant industry in the state, particularly in the waters around Boston, with more than 2 million pounds of fish caught annually. Agriculture is also a significant component of the state economy, particularly greenhouse and nursery products, cranberries, dairy products, sweet corn and apples.

Tourism also brings millions of visitors to the state annually, generating about $18.5 billion and supporting about 130,000 jobs. Boston is a major year-round draw, and a large influx of visitors come in the fall to watch the leaves change.