What Are Some Major Companies That Donate to Nonprofits?

Some major companies that have donated substantially to nonprofits are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks and Walmart. Corporations make philanthropic contributions by matching employee donations, by providing individual or team volunteer grants, by hosting charitable campaigns, or by providing charities with cash or in-kind donations.

Apple has raised over $78 million in its employee donation matching program. The money is donated to local museums, schools, zoos and other organizations throughout the San Francisco area. The company also has a Global Volunteer Program that allows employees to do charitable work in their communities. Apple employees are regular volunteers at the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy and AIDS/LifeCycle events.

The Internet giant Google provides money and in-kind donations to many worthy causes including Google Impact Challenge, a charity that helps disabled persons; Regional Google Impact Challenges, which is a program that helps nonprofits realize their goals; Bay Area Giving, a nonprofit that combats homelessness; and disaster relief. Google also provides support and funding for technology-promoting organizations such as Code for America, Roberta, Bletchley Park, and Trinity College, Dublin.

Microsoft is well known for its annual giving campaigns. Every October, the company hosts over 300 charitable events including 5k runs and auctions. In 2014, the tech company provided 86,000 organizations spread across 125 countries with technology donations.

Starbucks has a Partner Match Program that provides individual volunteer grants to its U.S. and Canadian employees. The program’s graduated scale offers $250 for 25 to 49 hours of volunteer work and $1,000 for 100 or more hours of volunteer work.

Walmart gives more than $1.3 billion annually to organizations around the world through its grant programs and volunteer grant programs for employees. The corporation’s priorities include environmental sustainability, food security, women’s issues, disaster relief and community development.