What Are the Main Products That Spain Manufactures?

Automobiles are one of the top products manufactured and exported by Spain. Spain is home to GTA Motors, Hurtan and SEAT, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Other products manufactured by Spain include iron and steel products, ships, chemicals, textiles, and shoes.

Spain is rich in mineral resources, such as iron ore, copper, lead and uranium. These resources greatly support Spain’s steel, mining and automobile industries. Aside from cars, Spain uses these resources to manufacture ships, iron blocks, vehicle parts and consumer electronics.

The chemical industry is one of the largest in the country and offers the most job opportunities and income. Packaged medicaments, such as medicines, insulin, hormones, antibiotics and alkaloids, make up about 4 percent of the country’s exported products. The Spanish chemical industry is substantially supported by foreign investors. Aside from medicaments, petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints and rubber are some of the main components of the chemical sector.

Consumer-oriented industries, such as textile, footwear, apparel, paper and furniture manufacturing remain significant in the domestic market. Spain is the largest producer of pure olive oil and one of the largest producers of wine. The country is also an important exporter of other agricultural crops, such as citrus, pitted fruits, lettuce, melon and cabbages.