How Do I Find Lost Mail?

Nine OK/Stockbyte/Getty Images

In order to find lost mail, you must first contact your local post office and submit a Mail Recovery Center search request. Provide the postal worker with your mailing address, the sender’s mailing address, and the date the letter or package was mailed. The Mail Recovery Center is also known as the Dead Letter Office, and it is the final destination of damaged and undeliverable mail.

Lost mail occurs for a variety of reasons. In many cases, mail is undeliverable if the delivery address is missing a zip code or the apartment or unit number is off by one or two digits. The U.S. Postal Service offers several options when it comes to securing mail delivery that include insuring the package, certified delivery and delivery confirmation. These services are available at a slightly higher cost than regular mail, but they ensure that the sender’s packages or letters can be tracked in the event of a mail mix-up.

When sending letters or packages via first class or regular mail, it is important that the sender verify the delivery address with the recipient as well as clearly printing their return address on the parcel. This ensures that the parcel arrives at the proper destination within the standard delivery time.