How Do You Look up an Employer Identification Number?

To look up the employer identification number of a publicly traded company, visit the investor relations website of the company, or use the EDGAR filings database maintained by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. To find the employer identification number of your employer, check it on your W2 form.

Most publicly traded companies have a Securities and Exchange Commission filings page on their websites. Visit the page, open any SEC filing document, and check the employer identification number on the first page of the document. If the company does not post its SEC filings online, access the EDGAR database, and conduct a search for the company name. If you cannot find an EIN using these free resources, consult a fee-based database service such as KnowX.

If you need to look up only a few employer identification numbers, find a pay-as-you-go database service, pay for the desired number of searches, and perform the search. If interested in several employer identification numbers, subscribe to an online commercial database provider such as Dun & Bradstreet to look up the numbers on a regular basis. Check commercial database providers with special offers to find free EIN searches. All employers, including nonprofit organizations and local government agencies, have a federal-issued employer identification number.