How Do You Look up a Carrier Product’s Serial Number?

Check the Carrier’s website to find a product’s serial number. The website lists all products on one page or by category. Find the item and click through to see the serial number.

After going to the Carrier’s website, click on Products, then on the proper category or type of item. There are categories such as Split Systems, Residential Products, Chillers Ductless Split Systems and Airside. There is also an All Products link that lists the different categories and sub-categories. Click through until finding the correct Carrier product. Next to the product, under Key Documents, is a link called Product Data. Click on it to go to the PDF page.

Once on the PDF page, look at the top-right side of the page. This has a box with the item name, description and the serial number. The PDF for the product also lists other information about the product, such as how it works, the benefits and features, information about installing it and common troubleshooting questions and answers. The information is detailed and comprehensive, providing a full manual to the product.

Carrier is an HVAC supply company. It provides supplies and parts for heating and air conditioning, including air conditioning units, split systems and tools needed for repairs.