How Long Does It Take for a Letter to Go From the United States to France?

Trilliumdesign ~ Caroline/CC-BY-2.0

The U.S. Postal Service offers a variety of international mail options ranging from First-Class Mail International to Global Express Guaranteed. First-Class Mail from the United States to France is likely to take seven to 14 days, whereas Global Express Guaranteed takes one to three business days.

USPS First-Class Mail International allows postcards and small envelopes to be sent internationally for as little as $1.15. USPS does not specify exact amounts of time for this type of international mail to be delivered to France, although estimates a seven- to 14-day timeframe without a guarantee from USPS. The Postal Service’s quickest option, Global Express Guaranteed, costs at least $51.50 to ship to France. USPS offers several options in between for those looking to send letters to France quickly. Priority Mail International, starting at $29.25, offers six- to 10-business day delivery. Priority Mail Express International, starting at $35.25, offers delivery in three to five business days.