How Long Does Bulk Mail Take to Deliver?

Joshua Blake/E+/Getty Images

Standard bulk mail delivered by the United States Post Office reaches its destination within 10 to 14 days for national mailings. The estimated delivery time for local bulk mailings is four to six days. Occasionally, standard mails arrives earlier or later than the estimated times.

Standard mail is lower in cost than first class mail, which makes it a popular choice for mailing advertisements and promotional material. Due to the slower arrival times, standard mail is not a good choice for mailing time-sensitive material such as bills, invoices, legal notices and important letters. As of 2014, approximately 200 pieces, or 50 pounds, of mail is required to qualify for standard mail discounts.

Several steps are required to qualify for bulk mail savings. The first step is to secure a mailing permit, which requires payment of a fee. Next, choose desired type of postage. Choices include a permit imprint insignia, pre-cancelled stamp or postage meter stamp. The size and weight of the mailing piece should conform to postal guidelines. Another important step is to double check all addresses for accuracy and presort by postal ZIP code. According to postal guidelines, large mailings should be taken to the same post office that issued the standard mail permit.