What Is a Logistics Coordinator Job Description?

A logistics coordinator is responsible for the route movement of outgoing and incoming freight shipments at train, trucking and airline terminals and at shipping docks. The job description stipulates that he must correspond with customers to arrange pickup of cargo and freight for delivery. He also coordinates processing at loading platforms.

The logistics coordinator tracks delivery progress of cargo and freight, and he often oversees personnel who load and deliver shipments. The job requires him to advise clients on methods of shipment, payment methods, invoicing and shipping documents needed.

The logistics coordinator also negotiates the transport of goods with vendors and freight companies. He is responsible for troubleshooting problems with delivery or damaged goods during the shipping process. When freight or baggage arrives, he notifies customers or passengers of delivery or a delay in delivery.

Record keeping is a key component of a logistics coordinator’s job. For example, he must scan or enter all shipments into a computer system, calculate freight and postal rates, inspect and count all items processed through a shipping dock, and later verify items against each invoice. In some industries, the logistics coordinator attaches identification codes, shipping instructions or address labels on outgoing and incoming freight.